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Stay up to date on the most recent events in the real estate and entrepreneurial industry. Listen to Nick host some of the biggest names in Toronto, and they dive into how the guests have achieved success in their respective careers. 

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Behind the Listings in Fort Lauderdale
June 25, 202401:14:18133.28 MB

Behind the Listings in Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to a special edition of "What Would It Cost?", where we escape our usual Toronto backdrop for the sunny shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida! In this lively compilation episode, we sit down with some of Fort Lauderdale’s most passionate realtors—Becky Banks, Karrie Thrasher, the dyn...

Being a Realist with Nick Hill
June 11, 202400:32:5458.82 MB

Being a Realist with Nick Hill

In this episode of "What Would It Cost?", host Nick sits down with Nick Hill, a seasoned real estate investor and co-host of the popular podcast, "The Canadian Real Estate Investor." Nick Hill, along with his co-host Daniel Foch, brings a wealth of experience, fresh perspectives...

Attacking International Real Estate with Tara Sadat
June 04, 202400:21:5138.78 MB

Attacking International Real Estate with Tara Sadat

In this exciting episode of What Would It Cost?, Nick sits down with Tara Sadatt, a dynamic Toronto realtor known for her impressive social media presence. Tara shares her journey of expanding her real estate portfolio internationally, with a strong focus on the booming market in Dubai. Tune in to ...

Hustle Hard and Stay Humble with Raymond Hau
May 10, 202400:32:3357.72 MB

Hustle Hard and Stay Humble with Raymond Hau

In this compelling episode of the "What Would it Cost?" podcast, we're thrilled to host Raymond Hau, one of the pioneering founders of HAUS Real Estate. Dive deep into the core values that shape the unique culture at HAUS and discover how these principles aren't just ideals, but e...

Nick Regina - CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Join Nick every Tuesday where he interviews some of the biggest names in Toronto Business and Real Estate. 

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