In the latest episode"What Would It Cost?", we were thrilled to host a couple of radio legends: DJ Matt The Hammer, and DJ Danny D from Z103.5. This episode wasn't just a showcase of on-air personalities; it was a deep dive into the undying spirit of radio, the current existence of euro music, and the remarkable role these pioneers played in catapulting artists like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd to stardom, as well as orchestrating mammoth events like Summer Rush. Here's what we uncovered from this episode.

Radio's Resilience in the Digital Era

In an age dominated by streaming platforms, the relevance of radio has often been questioned. The guys, however, shed light on a different narrative. They discussed the intimacy and immediacy of radio, emphasizing its unique ability to create a communal experience for listeners. "Whenever someone is on the fence about working with the station, I give them a shoutout say ' I'm looking got so-and-so and I need them to call me asap, can someone please let them know that I'm looking for them. And once that person sees their phone blowing up they know that radio's still got it" The Hammer explained. The conversation highlighted how radio stations like Z103.5 have adapted to the digital age, integrating social media and to enhance the listening experience while preserving the essence of real-time connection.

Reviving Euro Music on North American Airwaves

The revival of euro music in North America owes a significant debt to the efforts of Z103.5's team. By championing tracks that other stations deemed too niche or risky, they curated a distinctive sound that resonated with a broad audience. "Euro is just one of those genres that make you happy, it's something we grew up on and even 20, 30 years later it still has the same effect" Danny D shared. This gamble not only paid off but also set the station apart, creating a fan base of listeners who looked to Z103.5 for the freshest international beats.

Launching Giants: The Discovery of Bieber and The Weeknd

Perhaps the most compelling stories were how Z103.5 played a pivotal role in introducing major artists like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd to the world. The station's knack for identifying and supporting raw talent allowed these artists to gain the airplay necessary to catapult their careers into the stratosphere. "Justin Bieber has this video about him playing the guitar, somehow we found this and said, 'hey lets book this guy fro Summer Rush' and we did"  Matt explained. "When you hear something special, you don't ignore it. You share it with the world." Their commitment to showcasing new artists has not only enriched the musical landscape but also cemented their status as tastemakers in the industry.

Summer Rush: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

The episode also delved into the monumental effort behind organizing events like Summer Rush. These weren't just concerts; they were cultural phenomena that brought together thousands of music lovers. The guys and the team discussed the challenges and triumphs of bringing such massive events to life, from logistical nightmares to the euphoria of seeing a sea of fans united by music. 


As the episode wrapped up, it was truly awe inspiring to have these two Torontonian legends sit down and go over things that have never really been said on a podcast before considering everything is usually broadcasted live.  Tune in to "What Would It Cost?" for this and more episodes that explore fascinating backstories and insights. 

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